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7 tips to become a better web developer

Web developer is one of the most requested job today. In this post I've spent some words about "How to start being a web developer", the starting point for the amazing journey in the webdev world, but we know that after every start there is the real travel to do and today I'm gonna talk about it.

Every good developer know that he must become better. And he also know that his knowledge it's not totally but just temporary, because new technologies and new way to develop the web are just around the corner. JavaScript, PHP, HTML, Python and other web developer tools are always updating and be a static dev is for sure a fail approach.

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Monthly Roundup - June 2017

How was your June as web developers? Hope great. Here we are with our first Monthly Roundup about web development published on DailyGit, a list of the best posts from this and other blogs around the webdev world. Hope you enjoy!

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The best post of June from DailyGit:

Best from other blogs

Tutorials, tips & tricks, resources...enjoy the best from my favurite web development blog out of here:

A simple integration of HTML5 Geolocation API with Google Maps

Here is another simple tutorial inside the JavaScript world. As explained in my post about Require.js, every website today is being a web app with interactive functionalities. One of the most common feature saw today on the web is Geolocation, technology to discover your position and give you informations about what's happening near you.

Another common scenario is the full integration of HTML5 Geolocation API with Google Maps API, because we all know that the service offered by BigG is the best map service ever. (Aaaaand noooooooo...I am not coff coff oh yes I am coff coff a Google Fan).

In this post I want to do a simple tutorial about integration of Geolocation API with Google Maps

Load our JavaScript files in the right way with Require.js

Working on big JavaScript web apps is the nowadays trend. With the latest technologies released in the web development world we can create everything we need, from a simple website to a full real interactive videogame, and the use of massive JavaScript code on client side, but also on server side (Node.js), is a standard practice.

For this reason it is a good idea to organize the structure of your code as cleanly as possible: talking about loading and managing JavaScript code I think that a masterpiece in this field is Require.js, a simple but powerful JavaScript file and module loader powered by AMD API, Asynchronous Module Definition. For more infos about the project, here you can find

How to start being a web developer

So, you've decided to become a web developer. I know that's true because you're reading this post, otherwise, I think you don't know how to surf the web. ;-)

As a web developer who I am, who loves so much his job not to consider it "work", I also know that's one of the most requested job in the world today and for sure one the funniest: you can develop websites, create your blog, write real video-games, create a lot of useful home automation tools and much more. Be a web developer is fu**ing amazing!

Anyway, in fast words, I think that to start being a web developer you have to follow some simply rules: be motivated, follow some