My road being a web developer

My road being a web developer

Working as web developer full-time from about 5 years and totally in love with my job, I want to tell you my journey to give you some informations about what "being a web developer" means.

First of all, take 3 minutes to read my post about How to start being a web developer. I think it can give you important tips about this topic, be a web developer.

Anyway, let's start.

Everything start at high school

My passion for computer in general start at high school. I love lesson of Computer Science and I start to love programming here, with the first algorithms I developed for exercise. High school for sure was really important for my career: in this place I start to learn data structures (variable, constants, arrays, objects, etc.) and the main statement of programming languages (if, for, foreach, while, etc.)

Without a solid base of data structure you can't be a developer: those things are the "ABC" and we have to take this knowledge in an important spot.

My degree in Computer Science

After high school I've continued to study at the university taking a degree in Computer Science. Here I really get skills in programming language: I studied Java, Assembly and PHP, and for sure, the web programming language was my favorite of them. I start to know that web development was the real journey to take in my life.

Find the rigth way of your develoepr career. The "Developer's World" is huge and there are a lot of different fields and specializations. Choose the best for your, the one who give you the more satisfaction.

Start an internship

After degree I start to looking for job in the web sector: fortunately I find job as intern in a web agency of my town. Like I said in my previous post about How to start being a web developer, internship is for sure the best and fastest way to learn the job. Practice on the field was great to improve my skill level and after some months, I get the full time job in the same web agency.

The expert in anywathing was once a beginner.

I am web developer

After those steps, I can finally say "YES, NOW I'M A WEB DEVELOPER". Not just because I work as full time web developer, but because I start to live my life like a web developer: spare time? let's try to code something new, learn new things, write a new library. The journey is not completed of course: as said a lot of times, this job is continuing evolving so if you want to be good you have to increase your skill and your knowledge day by day. That's the spirit.

Never stop learning.

This is just my path, everyone has a personal journey and share this with other developers could be interesting! What about share it posting a comment below? ;)


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