Monthly Roundup - June 2017

Monthly Roundup - June 2017

How was your June as web developers? Hope great. Here we are with our first Monthly Roundup about web development published on DailyGit, a list of the best posts from this and other blogs around the webdev world. Hope you enjoy!

Best from DailyGit

The best post of June from DailyGit:

Best from other blogs

Tutorials, tips & tricks, resources...enjoy the best from my favurite web development blog out of here:

Best website of the month

Finally, the best example of web development for June 2017: Interland

I've choose this amazing website for WOTM of June 2017 because it offers an amazing WEBGL experience with a beautiful design. This is the perfect example of the power offered by the latest web technologies.

That's all for this month, hope you've liked it! If you want to join the DailyGit newsletter, go here and subscribe. Cheeers!

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Daniele Petrarolo

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