Google Poly: amazing 3D objects for your AR projects

Google Poly: amazing 3D objects for your AR projects

One of the best trend of the last months in the web dev world is for sure 3D development: WebGL fit one of the most important spot in the web today and augmented reality for web is here, specially with AR.js.

At Google they know how the web works, so they think to launch an amazing free tools to help web developers to create stunning web applications that need 3D models: ladies and gentleman, here is Google Poly.

What the f**k is Google Poly?

Take a look at this website:
As you can see, there are a lot of free 3D objects and composition that you can export for free and use in your projects. You can use them for simple web composition like my personal web landing page right here, create a solid world for you VR environment, create a mini game that use Augmented Reality.

Every projects as a simple webpage where it can let you to save the composition in your favourites, download the full packege or share it with your dev friends. Easy, useful and beatiful.

About web dev

As show on the official website right here, Google give us some examples of implementation of its models using Python, but I want to give it some try on JavaScript. In the next days I will post a small tutorial to show you how to take a simple 3D objects from Google Poly and use it in your web projects, using our friend THREE.js.

Stay tuned!

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