Book review: "Three.js Essentials" by Jos Dirksen

Book review: "Three.js Essentials" by Jos Dirksen

One of my favourite quote ever and the way I live my developer career is simply summed up in 3 words:

Never stop learning.

The web offer a lot of resources to become a better developer, discover new things and new way to create stunning stuff. are reading my blog so I know you know this! ;-)

Anyway, I also enjoy reading books about coding. Today I want to write a fast review about a javascript based book that talk about Three.js, a javascript 3D library: I'm talking about "Three.js Essentials" by Jos Dirksen.

The theme and the style of the book

Like I said in the post introduction (and of course, like the title) the book talks about Three.js, a powerful 3D javascript library that use WebGL to create stunning effects, smooth games and much more. You can discover more about this beautiful world here, on the official website.

The author doesn't want to talk about theory, maths formula and other basic things useful to develop in a 3D world, he just want to give you the essential pack to start enjoying this wonderful tools. And he do a f*king *great job.

The book is split by chapters, everyone is a smooth tutorial to realize simple composition with nice effect: in this way you can discover the basic tools of Three.js and how can you use them for your compositions, simple, direct. Sometimes it seems the author run too fast, and if I have to find a lack in the book is just this: yeah, I'm doing tutorial and I think this is the best way to learn, buuuut...what about give me some more extra tips about a specific method/function? Pssst...Jos...please, do this! :)

At the end of every chapters we have a good summary to remember everything we have done before, a great way to take a fast re-play: I love summary! Oh...and don't forget you have a GitHub repo to download the tutorials step-by-step.

The target of the book

If you have a solid base in JavaScript, you want to start learning Three.js and have a first approach to this amazing world, this is for sure the book right for you and I suggest to buy it now! No regrets!

If you are a beginner and don't know JavaScript you simply can't start reading this: it will be just a waste of your time.


I know this is a fast review but I don't think I can give you more information about this book. My final opinion is definitively good...very good. The book give me the perfect intro to one of the most interesting topic of the modern web development technology (WebGL), and I'm now curiuos to discover more. And I think that a good book stimulate the curiosity.

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