7 tips to become a better web developer

7 tips to become a better web developer

Web developer is one of the most requested job today. In this post I've spent some words about "How to start being a web developer", the starting point for the amazing journey in the webdev world, but we know that after every start there is the real travel to do and today I'm gonna talk about it.

Every good developer know that he must become better. And he also know that his knowledge it's not totally but just temporary, because new technologies and new way to develop the web are just around the corner. JavaScript, PHP, HTML, Python and other web developer tools are always updating and be a static dev is for sure a fail approach.

In this blog post I want to list the 7 tips that every developer have to fit in their mind to become a better developer...because it's true: a best developer is better than a good developer. (???WTF dude...that's obvious!!11!1!)

0. Never stop learning

They key of your success depends on your skills: the more you have, the farther you will go. If you stuck on the basic and don't focus on update your knowledge you will be out-dated in small time so spend some of your spare-time to learn new things such a new framework or a new programming language. Seriously. This is the most important thing.

1. Write human-readable code

We are humans. We are not machine. If you work in a company or not it's not important: writing human-readable code is one of the most important things of our job. Choose right name for classes, variables and functions, write algorithms that rappresent real-life procedural cycles, avoid "temporary" and ugly code.

2. Document your code

Documentation is an important task of every project. Of course, good code don't need 35 books of docs, but simple specification about a function could be helpful to future readers and mantainers of the project. Simple example:

openThumb: simple function that open the thumb of a specific image.  
"p_image" is the src of the big image.
function openThumb(p_image){  

3. Write re-usable code

We are developers. Best developers are generally lazy. Why? Because they hate re-write what they have already developed. This is a key-argument. A good developer try to write re-usable code everytime he can, because he know that specific features could be a task for the next project.

4. Discover and learn latest technologies

This is a link with the first tips. Learn new things is important, stay up-to-date and discover latest technologies is more important. Web developer is a steadily updating job, keep pace with the times is the best way you can be a better developer.

5. Learn from your mistakes

Don't get mad about mistakes: they are gold! With mistakes you can learn a lot of better ways to develop something and generally it's better trying somethings, do a big mistake and discover the right way than throwing in the sponge in 2 minutes because "that task it's too complicated".

6. You can do everything

"Impossible" is prohibited word in the webdev world. With the latest technologies you can create almost everything you want and there is not way you can stop a project because the task is too much hard. Take this in your mind, seriously.

In my honest opinion, those are the best tips and advice I can give you: they simply are ways of enjoying your developer life, taking the right road to upgrade your level and be better in what you do.

What are your best tips? Drop a comment below and say yours! Cheeeeeeeers!

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