15 websites and blogs that a web developer must visit and follow

15 websites and blogs that a web developer must visit and follow

Every good web developer must be constantly updating his knowledge, looking for new technologies to powered on, learning new things and improve his skills. Without research and observation, a good developer remains simply a good developer and there is no way he can become a great developer. Stop.

Today I want to show 15 website and blogs that a web developer must visit and follow, the Holy Grail for angry web dev that need to discover the best and most updated resources out of here.

On the web we can find a lot of resources that can stimulates our creativity and inspires our mind: what I want to show you today are the best websites and blog that I follow and visit very days. The blogs are part of my daily routine, resources website are my landmark for learning new things, inspiration websites are the food of my mind. Enjoy them!

Resources and learning

  • Stack Overflow: in simple words, the Yahoo! Answer for developer. A must read forum platform.
  • Can I use?: the best place to check if a spec is supported on a particular browsers.
  • CodePen: let's try and share amazing piece of code with the whole World!
  • W3School: how work that CSS3 spec? Let's check on W3School!
  • Codecademy: if you want to start learning the basics of a new programming language, this is the right place. I become a passionate of Python here.


  • 2Ality: a master-piece blog about the whole JavaScript world.
  • David Walsh Blog: for sure, the best tips&tricks JS blog.
  • CSS Tricks: an amazing blog that talk about latest technologies and trends offered by CSS.
  • Codrops: in my honest opinion, the best examples and tutorials for inspire your design and developer ideas.
  • HTML5 Rocks: like the desc of the blog says, "a resource for open web HTML5 developers".

Inspiration websites

  • Favourite Website Awards: also know as FWA, this website award every day the best website of the world, mainly focused on latest and stunning technologies.
  • Awwwards: if you love clean design, check out this daily awards website.
  • CSS Design Awards: another beautiful gallery awards website with the best of the web.
  • Webby Awards: maybe, the most important award for web stuff. Amazing website and web app projects for an annual awards for different categories. Check it out!
  • Lovie Awards: like Webby, Lovie Awards is an annual price to awards the best of the internet in the Europe. Amazing and high quality stuff.

Hope you've enjoyed this list. What are you favorite websites and blogs that you visit most often? Drop a comment below!


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